This page will hold any and all videos that I want to share with you about my work and my life as a jewelry designer.  My goal is not only to share with you how I do my work, but also to encourage or inspire others to learn these techniques!  This is also a great way for my customers to see how I made a piece.

Here’s the first video that shows how to torch fire an organic piece–in this case, one of my dogwood pieces that is currently in process to become a stunning pendant!  (or ring?).

Here’s a video that shows the actual process of making my enamel glass beads.  A little bit rough in some spots but overall good quality.  Also, the sound of the torch can be a bit high, so don’t let that startle you!  I know it does for those that watch my demos!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Amazing. That is fascinating. I’ve done some silversmithing but just using silver sheets. This looks there is a lot more creative avenues to explore. Is there a good book you could recommend to get started?


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