Robin Weinrich is an award-winning jewelry artist and designer, creating and fabricating her original pieces since 1997. She began as a self taught artisan and then worked to refine her techniques with published artist, Pam East, in both enamels and metal clays. She works primarily with the precious metal clays in design and fabrication of her work. Using clays infused with fine silver, copper or bronze, she produces the design much like a potter would with clay. After refining the piece when it’s dry, it is then kiln-fired or torch-fired depending on its properties to burn off the clay binders and sinter the metals into 100% solid metal. Then she finishes the piece with traditional metal smith techniques.

She also uses the ancient art of enameling to create unique, vibrant and colorful beads. Enameling is the art of fusing glass to metal and Robin uses a special technique to create each bead. Each bead is distinctive in color and pattern keeping to Robin’s philosophy of original work. She is also an artisan stone designer using natural stones, organics and metals to create one-of-a-kind pieces that honor color, shape and texture to highlight the natural beauty of these materials.

Robin is inspired by all of the natural elements around us. Her work is distinctive and has earned her many awards as well as invitations and demonstrations of her torch work. Her philosophy centers on the idea that artisan jewelry should bring joy and festivity and to reflect the beauty of our world and the people in it.

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