Photography Battles

Crucial to your work as an artist either on the show circuit, galleries, retail or wholesale is the clarity and beauty of your product through the picture.  Show applications want CD’s, files, actual prints, etc and if you have a website, an online store, or even just your smart phone, you’ll want those images crisp, clean and wonderful.  I nailed my photography style many years ago but my little ol’ Fuji point and shoot finally bit the dust last month.  This allowed me to reevaluate my photo process and what could I do to improve it.

Thus began the search for backgrounds, diffused lighting, natural lighting and ultimately how to use my own smart phone instead of getting a new camera to do the work I wanted.  I’ve had good success, but I’m still playing with backgrounds and lighting.  Here is a comparison “print” sheet to show the images  . . .

jewelry background comp

I’m leaning toward the natural light blue (lighter blue).  However, I’m not completely convinced . . .I am going to try for those high-end gallery shots that you often see especially on the high end art show websites.  This will be more black with diffused background lighting.  That will be the summer project, to make final decisions for showcasing my work.  I would recommend this post to help you get started exploring this type of photography.  There are several books out there, but you’ll find just as much information for free by digging through some web pages.

What works for you?

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