Rain, Bronze and Crochet?

Just a few thoughts this morning as I contemplate the fall collection.  We’ve had so much rain these past few weeks that instead of living in the deep South, maybe I’m really living in the Amazon rain forest.  But of course, if I start thinking along those lines, I start feeling some new inspiration with the new designer stones that I just got in for the fall collection.  Lot’s of rich colors, deep hues and fabulous shapes.

However, bronze clay work is taking over my workshop this week.  I’ve finally decided that I much prefer the Fast fire Bronze Clay the best as it takes textures so well.  I’m playing around with some abstract florals on one of the bracelets and on another bracelet I’ll be playing around with torching the metal for color changes.  Pictures will follow!

Today, I plan on putting up a video of how I make my enamel glass beads.  It’s a rough video as I don’t like playing around with editing, but you’ll see the process.  Enameling continues to surprise me as each bead is made.  Here’s a sample of the last set of beads in their designs:


Be sure to check out the video of the my process in making these beads.  Click on the upper tab for “Videos”.


With all the rain, and sometimes my lack of work in the workshop, I’ve picked up another hobby of mine . . . crocheting!  It has satisfied my need to work with my hands and I’ve loved making all kinds of hats and fingerless gloves . .here are some samples.  I might have to set up a booth to sell all of these by Fall!

IMG_0927 IMG_0959 IMG_0971

Well, it is not raining now, so off to the workshop to sand some bronze and make a few silver rings. 

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