Of Beds and Beads . . .

Well, little did I know that my current medicines were working against me and landed me in the hospital for a few days due to my kidneys not working right!  What a surreal experience, but thankful to be back on my feet and just completed a stint at the Unicoi Lodge (one of my favorite places to be) showing off enamel bead bead making.  In fact, we did a video of the process and hope to have that up soon.

picking up enamels

Here’s a snapshot of my work area set up at Unicoi–the torch certainly draws an audience.

festival of color

Here’s is one of my gallery pieces that specially showcases the variety of beads I can make and all the color tones that are possible.  While I am focused on my metal clay work right now, enameling has always held a special love for me.  As a designer I can truly create colors (much like an oil painter) with my torch and glass.  It is fun still to this day and I love teaching it as much as possible.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!  I’ll be preparing for the Butternut Creek Festival in Blairsville coming up on July 20-21st as well as continued bed rest . . .sigh!   I’ll work on getting the video up soon.

Visit the shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/reflections1


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